Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We're all fine.

Iris and Hazel have been home for a few days with a virus or two, but we're coping fine.

"Pet Doctors?"
"Hi, this is Susan with the high-maintenance rabbits."

Iggy Hop got stuck in the sliding door last night and started having spasms, whether neurologically, pain or anxiety induced I couldn't tell so we took him to the vet again. He's got no broken bones and has had no spasms today, he goes back for another ranges of limb-motion check and delousing in a few minutes. We're coping fine.

"Hazel, can you move your fingers?"
"... it hurts ..."
"The tendon's still working, which is good, and Mum's done a good job with the steri-strips."

I was practicing Archibald MacDonald of Keppoch and the children were in the kitchen with a video because they're home from school with a virus or two when I heard Hazel's pain-cry. Her hand was dripping blood. It transpired she had been whittling soft particle board with a new kitchen knife and had sliced two fingers on her left hand quite badly. On her forefinger a bit has come right off and on her middle finger there's a deep slice but the skin was still there. I rinsed it under the cold tap and let it drip a bit while I got the bandage supplies. Sean met us at the doctor, they checked her movement and my work. She goes back on Monday to see how it's progressing.

We're coping fine.

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  1. Oh my... coping sounds like a better verb than 'doing' to proceed 'fine'

    And that song is a perfect one for such times... it was one of the first songs I learned when I relearned the violin. And the youtube clip.. both those artists are friend/colleagues of my violin teacher in Boston!