Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hobby weekend.

0700 "Soccer today!"
0923 Cloudburst.
1200 "I loved playing in the rain, it's exciting!"

1530 Hazel triumphant having risen to the trot with no hands so successfully that she's off the lunge rein and doing her own steering!
1630 Sean and Iris also pleased with their horse-riding.

1000 Sean discovers at a mountain bike skills course that rising to the trot uses the same inner thigh muscles as pumping.
1545 Sean still pumping.
1700 Iris has got to the point with Twinkle, Twinkle where she's started learning another tune on the harp: Eagle's Whistle.
2200 I am listening to various people play The Eighth of January on Youtube because on Tuesday I start FiddleCraft lessons. (I am not sure I could recognise which of Eagle's Whistle and The Eighth of January was which if bumped into them in a dark room).

We also do Circus School on Monday, Fiddle on Tuesday and Yoga on Thursday. Memes!

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  1. very busy day! I love running in the rain too! That is what I am doing tonight as my evening fun:)