Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Diddly diddly doofus, diddly doofus, diddly die.

So I had my Fiddle Craft lesson, it was totally full on newness. I had to tune my violin and play sitting down, and I tried to play lots of tunes I've never heard before, and I felt like such a doofus. But the potential for having fun was so evident that I'll be practicing hard in order to try to avoid some of the doofus factor next week. Maybe then I'll feel a little less like I put a whole mangosteen in my mouth at once. The teacher was kind and I can tell that if I stick at it I might want to take my violin to Molly Malone's on a Monday night (though I might disguise it as a fiddle if I go), maybe come to appreciate folk music; lots of fine people do.

Tunes I am learning:
I like the Polska Fran Skane and Mrs. Jamieson's Favourite. I might have liked some others too but I think my mind overloaded. I think I'll ask Iris if I can learn The Eagle's Whistle from her too (I like it as well), though I might let her learn it first. I have enough to be going on with.


  1. maybe a skype concert late at night or in the morning one day?! I think I could learn some of those tunes.

  2. The links are to versions slow enough that I can imagine playing them.