Thursday, May 27, 2010

Moab is fine too.

Moab's nose swelled up and he had surgery today for an abcess in it. Now he is home and either sitting in front of a heater or wandering around asking to go out and objecting to the dirt box. He was never a very good dirt box user; he used to put his feet inside it and hang his bum over the edge which kept the litter clean for when he kicked it around afterwards, but he hasn't had one for years, so I'm sure he'll cope just fine.

How is everyone else today? Sean is still busy at work. Moon and Iggy's lice are presumably dying, Iggy is still sore under the arms. Iris has been watching Jane and the Dragon and is perkily spacey (she gets a fair whack of endorphins with a fever) and regulating her temperature by wearing a Thai dress during the cold snap. Hazel does not have the lucky brain chemistry but has been burying herself in books and is less of a pain than her poor hand.

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