Sunday, April 25, 2010

In bed.

Iris slept with these last night:
  • Soccer Ball: she has a new passion for soccer.
  • Worry dolls: under the pillow, often asked to prevent bad dreams.
  • Rabbit fur: gathered from garden before Chickpea's death, in transparent container.
  • Bear: giant, brown and fluffy.
  • Bear: medium, beige with velvet shirt inscribed "my first teddy", which it was.
  • Good Puppy: a soft toy she's had since she was newborn, it used to be called Iris's Pink Dog "Teddy" and Hazel used to tuck it into her tiny hands before she could let go of anything and so she'd hit herself in the face with it in a confused way.
  • Me, Sean, and a lot of my clothes (must tidy).

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